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Automotive retail is a global business that provides vehicle manufacturers with a well-understood distribution channel for their products and reliable service points for product owners and users. In most cases the vehicle manufacturer or authorized wholesale organization awards franchises  for all vehicle sales in a specified geographic region.


Although many existing single and multi site retailers possess track records of consistent success they still face challenges of finding capital to fund further acquisitions or development, and new investor-operators to replace  older franchisees reach retirement, where no suitable candidate is available.


Traditional high-street banks are often reluctant to provide funds for expansion or upgrading to smaller enterprises. The franchisor is also constrained in providing extra capital to even the most profitable franchisee.


The Automotive FS process is a unique solution to bridge the gap between potential automotive retail franchisees and franchisors. We create and manage a data base of pre-screened potential investors and operators for selected automotive franchises.


Attracting new investors is equally demanding. Aspiring experienced, younger managers often have excellent know-how but limited capital. If you would like to join that data base feel free to Contact Us and ask to take part in our process.


Capital Intensive Franchise

In a capital intensive franchise, such as automotive retail, franchisors seek franchisees - they can be individuals or a team - with two specific attributes: access to equity financing and retail automotive operating and development expertise.

Access To Equity Finance

Access to Equity Finance:  Franchisors want a broad range of investors. Existing automotive groups and retailers are always welcome but so too are investors seeking to team up with operators. Investments can range in size as well from outright purchase of an existing business through start-ups down to short-term investments for specific purposes, such as remodelling or technology upgrades. Investments can range from as modest as one or two hundred thousand to up to five million euro’s.

Operation & Development Expertise

Operation and Development Expertise:  Contrary to expectation, not all existing automotive retailers are great operators. Some are in place because they own great locations or simply because no one else has yet come forward. Franchisors are looking for franchisees with the capacity to run the business now and develop it for the future. Both skills and experience are important but attitude is also a key ingredient. So, if you have the skills and the drive to build, maintain and lead an automotive team, don’t hold back just because you have limited funds. 

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